Friday, 13 July 2018

By Drinking Tea Weight Loss Can Be Improved

Tea provides many benefits to a person's health. In addition to providing a source of antioxidants that protects the body against cancers and heart disease, it also provides benefits in helping a person lose weightTea has been consumed in many cultures for centuries to treat various ailments of the body, and people are becoming more informed about the amazing health benefits that tea provides. When a person who is overweight drinks tea weight loss can be enhanced. Here is an explanation of how that can be achieved.

One of the antioxidants found in green tea is called catechins. When the body is engaged in physical activity, the muscles are working to burn fuel. The catechins direct the body to burn fat as the source for fuel. Thus, if the body has a lot of fat, a lot of fuel is available to feed the muscles. The muscles can work longer because they have longer endurance. As they work longer, more fat is burned.

This is one of the easiest ways to give your body a bit more of an edge as it is trying to lose weight. Instead of drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, drink a cup of tea instead. As you savor the cup, think about all the health benefits that you are feeding into your body.

You can see that it is quite easy to increase your consumption of green tea throughout the day. If you have been struggling with weight loss, this is one method that you can add to your weight loss regimen. When you drink more tea weight loss results can be improved significantly.

You can get tea leaves from a variety of sources. You can purchase tea that is packaged in individual tea bags for convenience, or you can purchase loose tea leaves from many Asian food markets or tea specialty stores. 

The best way is to brew your own tea so that you will know the tea that you are drinking is fresh. It is important to note that sweetened green tea beverages which you find in the grocery stores may not be as beneficial to your weight loss efforts because the added sugar adds empty calories and defeats the purpose of weight loss. Pure tea offers you all the benefits without adding any calories.

Monday, 9 July 2018

How Onion Juice Can Help Your Hair Grow

A Remedy to Minimise Hair Loss and Facilitate Hair Growth

  • Use onion juice on a regular basis for noticeable results.
  • Cut onion into fine pieces and put them in a blender to blend them into a fine paste.
  • Ideal solution for those suffering from post partum hair loss.
  • Add honey to counter the odour of onion juice

The usage of onion juice for hair loss has been an age old phenomenon. Owing to the high content of sulphur in onion, the juice extracted from it is considered to be highly useful in minimising hair loss and facilitating hair growth. In fact, the usage of onion juice for hair loss is one of the best suited remedies for managing hair fall owing to the fact that it’s completely natural and free from side effects. The only challenge is to get your facts right with respect to its usage to get the best results.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Best Natural Muscle Relaxer

Muscle spasm is a sudden involuntary contraction of muscles that can cause a great deal of pain. Spasms are common in the abdomen, arms, hands, and feet. You can also feel them in your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and along the rib cage. This type of cramping can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons and in many areas of your body. So if you want to avoid visit a doctor, you can use some herbs which are natural muscle relaxer.

There are many causes for sore muscles, several due to injury through sports, car accidents, and everyday stress. Stress especially causes the muscles in the neck and shoulders to spasm. Muscle spasms are painful and can impact every day normal activity. A muscle spasm can also occur when muscles are tired, over-used or over-extended. The body can be low in specific minerals; magnesium and calcium in particular.

If you have been injured and are experiencing muscle pain or spasms, a muscle relaxer is your best bet to feel better. There are a handful of natural muscle relaxers available to you, which we believe can be extremely effective and without the risk of side effects or addiction. Many prescription synthetic muscle relaxants come with the risk of side effects and the possibility for addiction. Natural is definitely the way to go when it comes to relaxing your muscles.

Muscle relaxers work by blocking transmission of the pain signals that help in reducing the sensation of pain and relaxing the smooth muscles. The natural muscle relaxers work in the same manner as the commercial products. Let’s take a look at 10 natural muscle relaxers.


Chamomile is an ancient herb that’s used to treat a variety of ailments. This is an amazing natural calmer for muscle spasms. It contains 36 flavonoids, which are compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties. It is used to treat muscle pain but also for menstrual problems, tension, headache, anxiety, stress, nerves, etc. The relaxing effect that it gives your body facilitates faster healing of the tissues. You can massage chamomile essential oil onto affected muscles to provide relief from spasms. You can apply the oil by mixing it with carrier oil like coconut oil. You can also make chamomile tea and drink it 2 to 3 times a day which can help relax sore muscles. To make the tea, steep a chamomile tea bag or 1 tablespoon of chamomile flowers in a cup of hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. Strain and drink the tea while it is still warm.


It is very common spice in the kitchen for giving taste and aroma to many plates. It has a lot of health benefits, especially for relaxation. You can have a bath by diluting a little bit of rosemary to relieve menstrual cramps or muscle spasms. You can also sprinkle rosemary essential oil on a warm compress and apply to the areas of joint or muscle stiffness, soreness and pain. It actually warms the muscles and allows them to stretch. It promotes blood circulation to support speedy recover. You can add 1 teaspoon of dried rosemary to 1 cup of hot water and then cover and steep for about 10 minutes. You can drink this tea 3 times a day. You can also mix a few drops of rosemary essential oil in 1 tablespoon of warm coconut or olive oil and then use it to massage the affected area a few times daily. Another option is to add 1 teaspoon of rosemary essential oil to a bathtub filled with warm water and soak in the bath for 15 minutes to relieve muscle spasms.

Cherry Juice

People who sign up for marathons train vigorously, often causing a lot of stress on their muscles. Cherry juice can help combat the inflammation and muscle pain that is common in runners. Studies reveal that drinking tart cherry juice can minimise post-run pain. Cherry juice is clinically proven to combat inflammation, and its antioxidant properties help to relax muscles naturally. They are also highly beneficial for arthritis and fibromyalgia. Intake of tart cherry juice for 7 days prior to and during a strenuous running event helps reduce post-run muscle pain. It can also heal post-exercise muscle pain.


Lavender has been used for centuries as both a calming, sleep inducing herb, and to relieve muscle pain. Lavender oil for example is known as one of the most effective natural muscle relaxers. You can use it to massage the area that hurts with circular movements in order to increase blood flow. Another great way to use the herb Lavender is to put Lavender essential oil in a warm bath. The warm water will increase blood flow to the muscles, and the scent will induce a calm relaxed state for sleeping.


Another sweet and natural way to relax your muscles is by eating blueberries. A recent study suggests that having a blueberry smoothie before and after exercise can help accelerate recovery from muscle damage. Blueberries have antioxidant powers and have been shown to decrease oxidative stress and inflammation.

Cayenne Pepper

If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia, cayenne pepper may be just the thing for you. A substance contained within cayenne pepper called "Capsaicin', is a well-known muscle relaxant and can alleviate some of the pain you may be experiencing from those aforementioned conditions. It increases body heat and strengthens the heart without increasing blood pressure. It can be added to food, like this grilled shrimp with lime cream recipe or you can find cayenne pepper in capsule form and as a cream. When used as a cream, you can apply to areas affected by muscle spasms. You can mix this with olive oil and use it to massage the affected area. You can add 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder to 2 tablespoons of warn extra-virgin olive oil and then apply the mixture to the affected area. Then leave it on for 30 minutes. You can also gently massage the cream in the affected areas a few times daily until the pain is gone.

Vitamin D

who have regular muscle pain or spasms might be deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D supplements are natural muscle relaxants that help with muscle pain that is noon-specific. Fortunately, there are several methods for taking Vitamin D, including capsules, liquids, and tablets. You can also get it in foods, like eggs, fish, and fortified milk. Getting regular exposure to sunlight is another way to get vitamin D.


Magnesium is vital for human nutrition, as it maintains normal muscle and nerve function. Signs of magnesium deficiency include muscle pain, fibromyalgia and leg cramps. By soaking your whole body or even just your feet in Epsom salt, you can increase your internal magnesium levels. In general, healthy magnesium levels from Epsom salt use can help overall bodily inflammation. This mineral is mostly found in foods such as bananas, almonds, legumes, and brown rice. It works best when added to a warm tub and soaked in for 15 minutes or until the waters gets cool. It works by drawing extra fluid build-up in the muscles out. It is that fluid that contributes to the stiffness in the muscles. Magnesium cream for muscle pain is great to rub on shoulders and back to relieve pain. The magnesium is absorbed through the skin for immediate relief of muscle pain. You can fill a bathtub with warm water and then add 2 cups of Epsom salt and stir it thoroughly and then enjoy the soothing bath for at least 15 to 20 minutes once a week.


Catnip is an herb that facilitates relaxation. It is natural muscle relaxer and muscle pain reliever because it is an antispasmodic and is soothing to the nervous system It has nepetalactone isomers that are natural tranquilizers. You could take catnip as tea to ease hyperactive children before bedtime and relieve menstrual pain. It can also help you with connective tissue and joint swelling. It also relieves headaches caused by tension, cures injuries in soft tissues, among other properties.


Another great muscle relaxant is peppermint. It is very effective in treating sore muscles, backaches and headaches. The menthol in peppermint offers analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties that help relieve muscle pain and inflammation. It even improves blood circulation which helps reduce pain and spasms. Both the herb and essential oil reduce swelling, relieve pain and eliminate inflammation. You can drink a few cups of peppermint tea daily. To make the tea, steep 1 teaspoon of fresh or dried peppermint leaves in hot water for 10 minutes. You can also prepare massage oil with 2 drops each of peppermint oil and sandalwood oil blended and 1 tablespoon of sweet almond carrier oil. You can then use it to massage the affected area. Alternatively, you can also use pain ointment that contains peppermint.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Life After Stopping the HCG Diet

After dieting for two months, you can now begin eating carbs again which will make eating with the other people like friends and family easier. But, the transition period is scarier. No one would like to regain all the pounds they worked hard to lose in the dieting program. The major challenge appears to increase the intake of calories slowly. Mostly, people move from monitoring every bite they eat to uncontrollably eating whatever they want without allowing their body to adjust. However, you should keep in mind that you have stopped taking HCG and your metabolism and body will need some time. The following are some of the tips that you should highly observe to eliminate any chances of regaining the weight you lost.

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• Continue weighing yourself to be sure that you catch any sneaky weight gain.

• Do a steak date if you get yourself weighing 2.1 pounds over the last weight on the HCG diet.
• Avoid falling back into the bad habits which you broke while in the HCG dieting like drinking soda, and eating any unhealthy foods.

• Keep drinking water. Possibly, you should take at least 2 litters of water in a day. This will assist you in maintaining the weight you lost and your overall health.

• Maintain all the good habits that you developed while in the HCG program like drinking tea, and monitoring serving sizes.

• Still, you should focus on eating real foods. And a general rule of thumb is that “if you can’t read the ingredients, don’t take the food.”

• Make going to the gym a habit since this will help you tone your muscles.

• Make the scale your best friend. It will assist you maintain the right weight and also assist you in identifying any trigger foods.

Why monitor your weight and the food you eat after the HCG dieting 
After completing the HCG diet program, you have to go through the maintenance stage. The purpose of this stage is to allow the body to stabilize your new weight. To achieve this, you must correctly follow the maintenance plan. You should eat more food and allow your body to stabilize at the new weight.

After you have stopped taking the HCG, you should continue with dieting for 3 additional days or 72 hours. At the end of these 3 days, you should start eating anything that you want except starch and sugar provided that you observe one rule – you should have your portable bathroom scale at hand particularly when travelling. You should weigh yourself every morning when you get out of bed without fail and having emptied your bladder, without clothes and before taking liquids of any kind or taking breakfast.

When beginning the maintenance phase, increase your calories intake to around 1500. Don’t attempt to continue with the dieting once the HCG is out of your body system. Keep in mind that your weight will keep fluctuating within the first or two weeks which is normal. You can do a steak day if you want to. Within these three weeks, you should highly monitor your sugar intake. Read labels and eat organic foods if possible. You can eat whatever you want but avoid eating sugar and starch. Eat enough food, use dairy products and healthy fats to up the calorie intake if necessary and also drink enough water.

Exercising when the dieting is over

Due to low caloric intake you shouldn’t exercise while on the HCG diet. But, workouts are only restricted while on the diet. After you have completed the dieting, and you have achieved your desired weight, you should support the weight loss with effective workout schedules.

Monday, 14 May 2018

HCG for Weight Loss

HCG for Weight Loss

Take a "natural" hormone the body makes during pregnancy -- and lose a lot of weight? That's the promise that's turned the HCG Diet -- named after that hormone -- into a craze that just HCG can “reset your metabolism” so you lose as much as a pound a day without feeling hungry or weak.
Here's what the science says: Any super-low-cal diet will result in weight loss. Most studies have found that HCG (stands for human chorionic gonadotropin) has nothing to do with it. The HCG diet limits you to 500 calories a day for 8 weeks while taking HCG, either Labels by getting a shot or by taking a “homeopathic” product, such as oral drops, pellets, or sprays, which you can buy at the store.
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What You Can Eat and What You Can't
You won't be eating much. The diet lets you have two meals a day, lunch and dinner. Each meal has to include one protein, one vegetable, one bread, and one fruit. You can broil or grill veal, beef, chicken breast, fresh white fish, lobster, crab, or shrimp as long you don’t eat any visible fat. No salmon, eel, tuna, herring, or dried or pickled fish are allowed.Vegetable choices include spinach, chard, chicory, beet greens, green salad, tomatoes, celery, fennel, onions, red radishes, cucumbers, asparagus, and cabbage. Bread can be one breadstick or one piece of melba toast.
For fruit, you can choose an orange, an apple, a handful of strawberries, or half a grapefruit. The diet allows as much water, coffee, and tea as you want. You can also have up to 1 tablespoon of milk per day.

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Saturday, 5 May 2018

HCG Injections for weight loss

Getting the most from your HCG Shots

When choosing the your HCG supplier it is important not to skimp on quality, particular because you are injecting the HcG into your body at the end of the day. We offer high quality US pharmaceutical grade HCG that is prescribed by a US physician for safety and well being. Choose our website is you are looking for high quality REAL HCG that is tested to the highest standards and does not include any fillers.

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So why choose the HcG Diet?

The HCG is a proven diet, chosen by thousands (if not millions) of people around the world who have heard from friends and family of its success and why it should be your first choice when it comes to weight loss. Now, being fully honest there is no perfect diet, no perfect pill that you can take and not have to worry about the food you eat, but HCG when combined with a well balanced diet allows you to get more from your healthy eating and see results faster.

Why choose injections over drops?

The key with injections is that you are injecting the HCG directly into your body, for faster results and without the need to take super high dosages, not to mention the huge amount of fake HcG drops on the market, which offer no results, and you can see this with a quick Google search. Our hcg injections come with a full kit and instructions so you can easily get started with your diet, and also come professionally and discreetly packed so you can be sure your goods are not damaged in transit.

Human chorionic gonadotropin is also known as HCG. This is a hormone that is prevalent in pregnant women. In fact, HCG injections are commonly used in fertility treatments for women. Did you also know that these types of injections have also become particularly popular with those who want to achieve meaningful weight loss goals?

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Friday, 13 April 2018

Healthy Diet From HCG

Healthy Diet

Today, the foods that we get are more worse filled with chemicals and pesticides. This leads to the rising of diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart attack, liver and kidney problems. Heart disease and stroke are the major causes of death among women. So, it's really important that you keep your heart healthy by eating right, watching your weight, not indulge in smoking and lower your stress levels.

To maintain your heart functioning properly, you need to change your diet by eating clean. Eating clean mainly focuses on eating whole and fresh foods that will make you achieve good health, optimal fitness, and culinary satisfaction. To help clean up your diet for a healthier heart. Here are the ways to do it, have a look.

Make Homemade Granola

Processed foods are filled with added sugar and salt, which is mostly found in breakfast cereals. Granola is a fantastic option, the addition of oats are a great source of fibre, which can help to reduce the bad cholesterol. You can team it up with coconut flakes, almonds or blueberries, which are heart healthy.